Wales Comic Con 2022 was the best yet

It has been many years since I last attended a Wales Comic Con, last time it was still in Wales. Semantic quibbles aside about it now taking place in the new, unofficial Welsh principality of Telford, it’s fair to say the change of venue has benefited the event immensely. Emphasis on the “big”.

While Glyndŵr University in Wrexham was a decent home for a mid-sized con, Wales Comic Con always seemed to aspire to get bigger and better every year, which means it got pretty much too big. for his nest. Wales Comic Con needed a bigger venue to host its biggest aspirations, and the Telford International Center may be the perfect place to continue to attract the biggest names.

Coming on Sunday meant the convention wasn’t as busy as the day before, though it still felt like half of San Diego had descended on Telford. However, it was never too crowded, as queues were well managed and there was so much spread across three of its rooms that there was rarely any real crowding. There was a small oversight when Bruce Campbell and Andy Serkis were placed next to each other creating a large crowd, but the organizers quickly noticed and changed things accordingly.

It says so much about WCC’s rise to prominence that it was no surprise to learn that they landed names like David Tennant, Evangeline Lily, and just about the entire cast of Vikings. It was even less of a surprise to see how much in demand they were, but also just as good to see how well supported the vendors were, as there was rarely a stall without anyone nearby. While perhaps not as video game centric as I personally would have liked (and a few of those who did selling games had put a random multiplier on eBay prices and called it a day), there was a huge variety to be found on the stalls.

From soaps to figurines to abstract art prints, there was just about everything for every Wales Comic Con fan. True comic book fans might have been disappointed with how few actual comic books were up for grabs, though modern convention really needs this greater variety for a wider audience. It was also good to see how well-represented indie comics were, with authors on hand to discuss their work and many underrated prints getting the exposure they deserve.

There were also plenty of other activities to take part in during the day and throughout the weekend, from conferences to eSports tournaments to cosplay competitions. I didn’t manage to cram it all in personally because of the travel, but you can definitely do a lot over the two weekends and still feel like you haven’t seen it all.

Wales Comic Con 2022 proved that sometimes bigger does indeed mean better, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next, what massive name it’s sure to snag, and how it continues to go from strength to strength for years to come. We’ll find out later this year when Wales Comic Con returns.

A press pass has been provided by the organizers for the purposes of this coverage.

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Daniel K. Denny