Why Harrogate is the right city for the UK’s biggest comedy convention

Coming soon to the Harrogate Convention Center – Famous figures from the world of science fiction and comics are expected at Thought Bubble next month. (Photo by Andrew Benge)

After being forced online during the lockdown last year, organizers say they are delighted to be back at the Harrogate Convention Center in a few weeks with what they promise to be a selection of the ‘best of the best’ in the world. comic.

Think Bubble director Chloe Green also explained why Harrogate and its larger venue is the perfect location for the event.

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She said: “We were in Leeds for years, but we got past it.

“The great thing about the Harrogate Convention Center is that it allows us to have everything under one roof.

“Thought Bubble has 450 different exhibitors, plus a lot of other stuff. The convention center is a huge space to have fun.

“Being a city rather than a city, Harrogate is perfect for us too. People can walk around with Thought Bubble bracelets in Harrogate, pass each other and get to know each other.

The thought bubble is so large that it tends to attract major artists and writers from Marvel, DC, and 200o AD responsible for the world’s most famous superheroes and graphic novels.

And this year’s event, which runs November 13-14, is shaping up to be a classic.

Chloe Green said, “The closer we get to the launch date, the more excited we are.

“It was good last year, but Zoom is not the same as meeting people.

“Indeed, this festival has been in preparation for two years.

“We feel like the best of the best. There really is something for everyone, even people who aren’t big fans of comics.

“There are so many highlights, but there are three in particular that fans are going to love. There is a Spotlight on Batman panel with the real artists and writers. There’s also the British writer behind the resurgence of Swamp Thing and live skit sessions where artists preview their work on a giant screen.

The organizers of Thought Bubble are crossing their fingers that the pandemic does not interfere with this great festival.

No matter what happens, they are committed to keeping fans safe with a series of security measures at the Harrogate Convention Center and they have even canceled the usual Saturday night party.

Chloe Green said, “We decided to go beyond government rules.

“There will be Covid masks and passports and proof of testing but there will be no party on Saturday night.

“One thing that is not well known is that comic book artists are very social. Instead, we recommend that visitors check out our favorite bars in town, including Major Tom’s, Cold Bath Brewing Co and Mojo. ”

You can purchase tickets for Thought Bubble by visiting: www. thinkbubblefestival.com/tickets

Daniel K. Denny