Will Wheaton’s Star Trek Comic Explains Wesley Crusher’s Picard Appearance

The following article contains spoilers for “A Matter of Choice”, appearing in Star Trek #400!

A new star trek comic, written by Wil Wheatonflesh out his character more by Wesley Crusher cameo on picard. In the benchmark Star Trek #400Wil Wheaton writes a story, titled “A Matter of Choice”, which not only explains why Wesley appeared in the season two finale of Star Trek: Picard, but also provides more information about the mysterious Travelers, of which Wesley is one. The issue is on sale now in print and digital.

Wil Wheaton portrayed Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, departing midway through the show’s fourth season; a seventh-season episode revealed there was a lot more to Wesley than meets the eye. The episode, titled “Journey’s End,” explained that Wesley, unbeknownst to him, was a “traveler,” a mysterious group of aliens from across the universe who could travel through time and space with a single thought. At the end of the episode, Wesley left the show’s plane of reality to explore his newfound powers. After an unexplained appearance in the final The next generation feature film, NemesisWesley was not seen before Star Trek: Picard season finale, in which he recruits Kore Soong from the Travelers. As fans welcomed Wesley’s return with open arms, it led to even more questions, not just about Wesley, but the nature of reality in the world. star trek universe.


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The story, by Wheaton, Joe Eisma and DC Alonso, opens with Wesley breaking one of the traveler’s rules: visiting people from your past. He appears to Jean-Luc Picard in the family vineyards of Picard; Wesley’s sudden appearance surprises Picard, but the two quickly pick up where they left off. Wesley confides in his former captain that while Travelers live long, they don’t live forever – and in fact, he only has 150 years left. Wesley has found a potential replacement – ​​400 years in the past, in the 21st century. He tells Picard that he is reluctant to come back and recruit her, fearing that if he fails it will mean the end of all creation. Picard and Wesley share a heart-to-heart, and Wesley ultimately decides to take the plunge. The story ends with Wesley preparing to recruit Kore Soong – moments before his picard appearance.

Wheaton’s story is one of the highlights of Star Trek #400, a deeply moving story drawing on his personal experiences; it also goes a long way in filling out his character’s backstory. Readers learn more about the Travelers, discovering that they are not actually immortal but have finite lives; Wesley also makes some interesting revelations about how time and space work in the star trek universe. Readers were also stunned to learn that Wesley’s days are numbered. He came to seek advice from Picard, a decision that could have cost him and the universe dearly. Picard did not disappoint, helping Wesley see the big picture and teaching him not to overthink it. Picard advised Wesley to take the lessons he had learned from the Company the crew and apply them. In the end, the crew saved the day once again, as Wesley found the courage within himself to approach Kore.

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation will meet for Picard’s final season, but it’s unclear if Wheaton will reprise the role of Wesley Crushr for another round. The possibility is there, but in the meantime, by Wil Wheaton star trek the comics are whetting fan whistles, explaining his cameo on Star Trek: Picard.

Daniel K. Denny