Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Launches

People have been asking for a family plan for Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft is finally going to deliver.

Since 2017, Xbox Game Pass has been a savvy, cost-effective way for console users to try multiple games for one price. Unfortunately, unlike Steam Share or Nintendo’s Family Membership, up until now Microsoft has jealously guarded its supply of games. One account meant one person for Xbox Game Pass. This miserly spirit is about to change, however! Xbox heard people’s cries and gave them an “Ultimate” combo pass. Now they have decided to accept that gambling is a family affair.

Microsoft feels generous, and Xbox The family plan is in preparation, according to Windows Central. If licensing details can be worked out, the plan could come into effect as early as 2022. Five people are rumored to be able to share an account. The current cost of Xbox Game Pass is $9.99 to $15 per month. The cost of a family plan is unclear. Often an entertainment subscription service will charge for the ability to share; the cost increases with the number of authorized devices and/or accounts. Steam, on the other hand, allows any user to share anything in their game library with up to five other accounts and ten devices at once.

It’s likely that Microsoft will follow Nintendo and PlayStation’s general setup for their Xbox Game Pass family plan. These two companies offer different levels of plans. PlayStation+ debuted in March 2022. Each service undoubtedly has its edge – and it always comes down to the games you can’t live without. Xbox Game Pass has both the highest price and the largest library of games.

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Will the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan cost more?

Currently, Xbox Game Pass is more expensive than Nintendo and PlayStation comparison versions. They run around $40 to $112 per year. Xbox Game Pass charges per month. However, there is talk on Twitter that they might eliminate $10 options. That means $180 will be the cost of a year of Microsoft fun. It seems unlikely that Microsoft won’t raise its prices, but it would be nice if they didn’t charge more for the Xbox Game Pass family plan.

On the other hand, Microsoft is in the process of Buy Activision Blizzard. Assuming this huge sale is confirmed, the Xbox Game Pass family plan could be worth even more the price, regardless. This came after Microsoft redeemed itself Bethesda and Zenisoft in 2020adding even more games to their library.

People share access to content online whether or not there is a plan for it. You can always share a password with someone you trust. no matter how much Netflix gets involved (especially lately). However, offering a catalog of content and a way to share it is the best thing for consumers and perhaps for businesses if the former decides the service is worth it. Many people have been waiting for an Xbox Game Pass family plan. It could be worth it for many games that want to share the wealth with their loved ones.

What do you think? Do you plan to get the Xbox Game Pass family plan? Are you waiting to see how much it costs or does your loyalty belong to another platform?

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Daniel K. Denny