Yorkshire Comic Art Festival launches huge comic book donation campaign – Harrogate Informer

From today, Thought Bubble invites all comic book fans, collectors, creators, publishers and comic book stores to donate new and used comics, to help their goal. ambitious ; to put comics in the hands of more people than ever!

The idea for Comic Book Drive was sparked early in the pandemic by Thought Bubble Festival director Chloe Green, as inevitable job losses and budget cuts loomed. However, the lockdown has started, which made collecting physical donations no longer an option, but now that the restrictions are lifted, Team Thought Bubble is in a position to launch the project.

The entire Thought Bubble team is enthusiastic about making comics accessible to everyone and have worked for years with Diamond UK (the comic book distribution company) and Traveling Man (the comic book store) to donate comics each year to Yorkshire Libraries. The Comic Book Drive builds on these years of work, in the hope of taking it to another level.

Everyone is welcome to donate, and once collected the comics will be categorized and donated to schools, libraries and charities across the UK.

Chloe Green, festival director, adds:

Consistent budget cuts in the arts, schools and libraries mean that essential things that should be accessible to all are no longer accessible; and one of those things is the comic book. Everyone knows that comics can be fun, superhero-filled fantasies, but they’re also great tools for expressing strong emotions and difficulties, for sharing experiences in a much more inclusive and engaging way. that with words alone; and I think everyone should have the chance to explore them.

The goal of the Comic Book Drive is to equip schools, libraries and associations with stacks of comics, for everyone to enjoy. We want to inspire people to read more, write, draw, and maybe even become the next great comic book creator we might have as a future special guest at our convention!

Dawn Stanley-Donaghy, Inventory and Reader Development Librarian at Leeds City Council, said:

Comics are a fantastic way to get young people to read! Strong characters and illustrations can encourage even the most reluctant reader and can help children learn to read. As a library service, we recognize that it is so important for all children to have free access to quality reading material, including comics.

Donations will be accepted from Friday August 20, 2021 and will continue until the end of the year. Comic book fans can donate pre-loved and new comics at drop-off points in Yorkshire and the North, as well as at the Comic Book Convention itself, which takes place November 13-14. at the Harrogate Convention Center. All donation sizes are accepted 1 comic or 500, each will happily be received and go to a new home.

You can find more details about the drive, how to get involved and the locations of the drop-off points on the Thought Bubble website: thinkbubblefestival.com/drive

Daniel K. Denny